The Artist, Dr. Mahmood Shubbar Dr. Mahmood Shubbar Specializing in Fine Arts and Drawing

The artist Mahmood Shubbar was born in Iraq, in 1965. He was raised in an artistic family in Babylon Governorate. He attended Safi-Eddin Al-Hilli primary school in 1971. Then he transferred to Al Fatimia School and completed his elementary studies after his parents had moved to settle in another place.

After that, he completed his intermediate studies in Babylon Secondary School for Boys. Then he moved to Al-Hilla Preparatory School in 1979, where he studied for one year.
In 1980, he joined in the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad, which is considered as one of the most eminent studying institutes of fine arts in the Middle East.

In 1991, he studied at the College of Fine Arts - University of Babylon and received a Bachelor Degree in Painting in 1995. After his graduation, he obtained the first position among the Iraqi universities in 1996, while participating in a contest organized by the Office of State President for outstanding students in Iraqi universities.

Shubbar pursued his Master’s degree in 2006 with an average of (very good ). After that, he continued to earn his Ph.D. and graduated with an Excellent degree for his dissertation entitled “Illusion and Reality in Contemporary European Paintings”. He taught arts for students at early stages at the College of Fine Arts - University of Babylon till 2003.

After that, Shbbar dedicated his time to arts studies. He was assigned to manage the Artspace Gallery in Hamra, Beirut . In 2016, he launched his own “Afkar Gallery” in Hamra until he had to leave Lebanon and move to Istanbul then to Dubai, where he was granted the Golden Residence card.

Currently, he’s a full-time artist. He launched his own manifesto in 2020 and named it “Shubbarialism”, in which he has reformulated the aesthetic understanding of Arab art. Shubbarialism was also inspired by themes related to Arab community as well as environment and integrated them with contemporary aspects of art and life. ‭