Art Work
Painting Description: No 1

Proceeding to a neutral coloration zone, a significant and expected transformation in the color structure was achieved, revealing the backlog of such important experience. Undoubtedly, it’s an exotic formation and an objective selection that jogs the memory and follows the journey of the red bear in a series of paintings. Here, the red bear is considered a “knight”, who flatters and breaks familiarity with a whimsical selection. The painter creates such a masterpiece while bypassing the objections of time and aesthetic peculiarities, as well as the everlasting comparison with the uprooted thoughts. Basically, he armed his painting with an ability to say what cannot be said about the violations against art outside the sphere of art, not only by encoding or encrypting the Shubbarialistic creatures, but also by carrying internal expressive tags to perform a comparison with the general as well as specialized emotional heritage. Henceforth, the recipients would be able to complete the scenery with meta-fictious suggestions.