Art Work
Painting Description: No 11

“The endings of love stories and the ascent to the underworld” - this title might seem a paradox leading us to the starting point that made the underworld as an ultimate goal. However, when we are faced with three variables: the metaphysics of the underworld as an opposing image to paradise and transcendence; the game of art that grants the validity of tourism through material perspectives; and Shubbar’s selection of this paradox that he carefully scrutinized, until he led to the presentation of this aesthetic symposium that’s free of specifications’ boundaries; we stand here amidst an achievement granting an entertaining opportunity that satisfies the ego of the achiever on the drawing board; it is worth-noting that it is such a splendid decorative technique and bountiful space-time yields with the potential of the artistic individual entity to combine the future, present and the past. Furthermore, it enabled us to enjoy the dance of Antarah and his lover in a downgrading world by all standards, despite his modern romantic appearance; Such a painting deserves to be contemplated with the principle of UPSIDE DOWN, so that we can ascertain that the underworld is nothing but an average level of negative and positive reality of humanity.