Art Work
Painting Description: No 12

Creating the aesthetic masterpiece from extremely familiar elements, as well as optimal astonishing selective alienation and stylistic manifestations, predicts progressive transformations through the fluidization of time and place. This process is reinforced by the employment of semantic icons in a provocative manner that is not free of irony and condemnation; this occurred through a shocking link between contemporary consumptive perspective that’s devoid of poetry and dreams and a complete continuity based on the meaning and the connotation between the lines that gave birth to a poetic nation in every sense of the word. This nation dedicated its generations to defend a hopeful narrative, which eventually ended fruitless. Additionally, Shubbar intended to play on the odd coloration zone, as he tried hard not to match the sympathy with the memory. So, he created a scenario in a hope to drag the heroes out of history and geography of anecdotes and let them be indulged in the contemporary context.