Art Work
Painting Description: No 13

Shubbar is the only king in love; he documents his passion and carries out his wishes colorfully and harmoniously as he desires, so he surpasses the history and geography of icons and emotions, and even the reckoned experience from testing, researching and exploring...In this painting, the artist officially announces his abandonment of pressure and limitations; he is rather playing with colors, subjects, and compositions, in accordance with the aesthetically tackled occasion apart from the icon requirements… Here, the experience and its dazzling award is thoroughly manifested, as the artist insists on presenting the drawing board in a simple challenging way in terms of method, style, and theme... In effect, he bestows successive traps, in which high-end receptors fall as kings of critics did, through the circulating jargon in an innovative, simplified, and reductive environment of fine arts that attract the psychological and creative perceptions. The journey of creativity can be summarized by adornment, relinquishment, and exposure... Moreover, the expressive symbolism of toilet paper with the iconic image of the cartoon characters Tom and Jerry, rather than a TV political newscaster, perhaps attracts those thinking of an objective context. Connecting the show to the cartoon characters was odd and astonishing; in addition, the spatiotemporal selection addresses an old generation that suffered a lot. Now, he is playing with the cartoon characters on the last rims.