Art Work
Painting Description: No 3

Emphasizing the Shubbarialismic endeavor in terms of theatricalization of fine arts, the artist impeccably links between the concept and time and produces a contemporary artwork through a spatiotemporal play with two physical and infinite aesthetic dimensions. Hence, the artist forms a theater of fine arts with two types of foregrounded leading figures; one has a historical character and the second has an envisioned future one. The red bear that stands for love appears and Antarah explicitly bestows it in his hand, whereas he immediately cuts the head of the snake that rejoiced his misfortune. Through such visual effects, he indicates the present incident and recalls the past one. This is reinforced by the spatial distance of the environment of the event that wasn’t indicated in Antarah and Abla’s story, such as the police car, cypress trees and the occupation of the space with vortex entities; these elements form the interior touches that break the monotony of the empty spaces with tempos that grab the attention of the viewers and encourage them to fly easily and joyfully in times, places and subjects, which were brought together by Shubbar with the power of Shubbarialism.
The pleasure of reading this piece of art and deriving the production mechanism definitely competes with that of implanting and compiling it.