Art Work
Painting Description: No 31

The dilemma afflicting the entire world is reflected in the creative achievement. This artwork presents a set of secondary margins distributed Shubbarialistically outside the expected sequence; in addition, it has no apparent connection with the space extending from the iconic image of the rebellious Guevara, through the singer Dakhil Hassan, up to the repercussions of the paradox between the madder herb and the grape leaves (an Iraqi food) known as Dolma leaves. It also recalls the eye of envy that hits harder than a bullet.
With carefully selected calligraphy, this drawing was engineered in a way to incite justifiable questioning. It also communicates that, as science promised an empiricist understanding of the universe and eventually ended up unable to respond to the simplest questions; as the renaissance intellectuals promised to break the spell, they found themselves immersed in metaphysics where fear is skillfully adapted and linked to every question and desire; or as the revolutionaries promised of a world that leads to freedom and liberal democracy upon which history ends, so they received consecutive traumas that did not stop at Fascism, Chauvinism, racism and genocide. So is art with Shubbarialism in its foxy playful context, as it promises to offer continuous excitement, endless pleasure and absolute gratification, for it rises above passion and its transformation into a commodity with a specific expiration date. Shubbar here considers the contemporary man as a consumer unable to resist temptation and longing for the traumatic and provocative factor. That’s why you would observe what is not expected in this painting.