Art Work
Painting Description: No 35

Just one arrow was enough to provide the painting with meaning and vitality… It hit the red bear and transferred him from an inanimate character to a realm where meta-fictious interpretations abound. This is the «actual size» of the bear who obtains his influence from the red color that stands out provocatively with respect to the background.
The bear is part of a pyramid structure that seems stable but his bold scenography balances the inverted pyramid of the colored porcelain birds that evoke the imagery of stained glass… 
The artist recognizes that this is the red «bear of love» surrounded by porcelain birds. He declared that this is not a segment of static life and he presents an exotic choice to convey the Shubbarialism of the artwork. He allows the viewer to provide input for what is beyond the imagery through subjective «metafiction». He also lists the usual absence of scenario in contemporary work. Therefore, the conceptual scenario emerges and reaches the audience due to the «Hermeneutics» resulting from decoding implicit conceptual messages embedded in the stabbed bear’s body. It also enables the viewer to complete the event by adding scenarios to the incident which vary according to the viewers’ cultural backgrounds and the way they react to the artwork in a virtual «metafiction». 
This is capable of changing the negative viewer to a positive and active one in the regenerated events. Fundamentally, this is relevant because the red bear is uncovered yet involved in everyone’s life. However, he wasn’t given attention except through Shubbarialism which shoulders the shockingly odd choices.