Art Work
Painting Description: No 5

The writing expressions display the skills and adventure, especially when they are composed of secondary multi-directional chapters that distract focus on the center and create a visual scenography, including a moving mise-en-scene. This would lead the recipient to search and investigate about the narrative of the scene, upon which the iconic picture of the inherited aesthetic aspect has stressed. Exquisiteness here is fostered by an ornamented framing and innate embellishments, together with calligraphy hints that do not transmit their meaning more than their images. Such an approach promotes art to the level of knowledge production rather than being stuck in the learning circle. Basically, it applied a criterion adopted by the artist, while confidently relying on his craft and professionalism. Hence, he presented a seemingly similar yet unidentical symposium that we relish its exhibits regardless of their diversity. There is no separation between professionalism and production of contemporary art, taking into consideration that professionalism here has opened up and incorporated technology, concept, image and material, either separately or collectively, as a whole or in part.