Art Work
Painting Description: No 8

The infusion of creativity in the contemporary area, despite its inextricable connection to the psycho-sociological variable, must be subject to the controls of analytical expertise. So, it wouldn’t be a question to deal with except by those who know the modernity defects. Here, apart from the personality of the artist, his textual justification for closure was also reflected, as well as relating the theme to emotions. Thus, the art perspective and the professional competence, while skillfully manifesting the inner space, evoke the Shubbarialistic facades. It mainly resulted from experience and capture of the neglected art that refers in its portions to the astounding complete art as well as the smart reflection of the recipient in the internal space. At that point, the artist bestows an entertaining board that summarizes an unbridled desire to produce a contemporary painting based on professional specifications and conditions that save him from falling in the game of those pretending to be advocates of contemporary school. Such endeavors aren’t easier than an attempt to produce a contemporary musical script, something which requires reading the text in need of a high-end recipient who is up to the standards of contemporary conditions and specifications. In short, Shubbarialism is a mature method that has effectively stirred the stagnation in the yard. Fine art requires amplitude on professional and academic levels, something which Shubbar expresses at its best.